Day #1: A Pussy Tale

To be genuinely truthful to you, I say that I never liked cats or dogs or for that matter any pet. Reason is simple. What would I do if they lick me getting me drenched in their virus filled saliva or if they bit me (that too, since I’m scared of those deadly injections!). But I never could stop admiring all those white , soft, furry, cute pussies that my family friends had.

I listened in to the usual cautions of my mom as I settled down for lunch that day. She was saying that she has heard a cat meowing upstairs and warned me not to go near her. But like all naughty little kids I sweared to go on a look out for her, I mean the cat, if at all she was there. I was so excited. Soon, I went upstairs which was actually detached from our main living area in a way, since we had to take a roundabout path to reach the stairs.

As soon as I reached, I heard constant low meowing from above me but could not locate it. Then, I myself started making similar noises so that she hears and comes. Funny, isn’t? But I am like that, say a bit crazy. Look, there she was, contentedly gnawing at the end of some stuff an aunt had thrown at her. She continued to meow staring at me. I thought perhaps she was still hungry. So, I secretly brought a little bowl of curd-rice for her and  sat beside her. Musing at how lovely it seemed to feed a hungry little pussy’s stomach, I smiled. Curious began to play with me now. Wondering who Curious is? Arey, her, my cat, she ought to have some name like you and me, isn’t it?

More days passed like this. At lunchtime, I fed her rice and at nights, used to place some milk for her outside the house where she always walks by. And then, one dawn, I got up from my sleep wondering who woke me up at this time of day when I wished to lie down few more hours. Curious scratched at me signaling me to bring something. I kind of felt a bit touched that she found her own way getting into my room straight from a little gap at the window. I got to know this when the next night I heard something scratching at the window nets.

She was always so playful. She would be waiting for me at the door of my house exactly when I would go to school or to attend my tuitions. She would run around and around me till I had crossed the verandah. She would put her paws on my jeans lovingly when I would return.

One morning, she did a horrific thing. I say horrific because you would never like to see your cat bring in a dead lizard to show you that she killed her, would you? There she did put that ‘ugly thing’ in front of me just when I came out to put on my socks and shoes. I literally scolded her. But it was of no avail. After all, she was still an animal, how could that poor thing understand my highly sophiscated language. And the same day I saw her for the last time.

Because she used to sneak into our house time and again, my mom had packed her off to a unknown place. “Do you have any idea what you were doing? You think feeding an pregnant cat is enough to maintain a pet?” My mom retorted. It was only then, I came to know that Curious was pregnant. I was at a loss. I missed her, felt so bad for her condition but was afraid too. Because I had heard from many cat keepers that if the mother cats do not get sufficient food to eat, they eat their own kittens and they are uncontrollable i.e., they’ll bite you if you try to calm them down. So what now? My old fear returned. I didn’t want to be bitten.

She did come back once seeking comfort and shelter in me but due to my fear, I acted like I was scared of her. And now absolutely option less, she resigned to her fate, she was packed off the second time but this time, she was left at a quite distant place from where she could no longer return. As for me, although I spent just a few days with her, she continues to appear in my thoughts now and then and lives on in my memory.

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