Day #2- Family Saga Part 1


You would kind of feel bizarre like if you knew my family; my papa, mama and didi. We are a closely knit family with exceptions. Before any problem approaches, we would become sympathetic to each other and advise, suggest and caution on every pro and con of the situation at hand. But when we are to take up the responsibility, we would step back letting each other have a fair chance at it. Funny right? And then, finally, somebody would do it of course, for sure but not without muttering curse words at others.

My sister and I particularly have a very interesting relationship from the very start when I was born. Although we were sisters, it never meant to be, you know. I say this because we are just opposite to each other in our interests, likes, dislikes, opinions on anything etc. Till the first 10/15 years of my life, we never got along quite well. She was born so grumpish that God had me that more cheerful so that no one gets bored around. Silly right?

My sister or didi as I call her, once told me that when I was some 6 months or so, she used to play with me a lot, she would grab my baby legs and make them exercise or scoop me up in her biggest hug and run around. And I would enjoy it and laugh. Si she liked me only when I was a baby. I didn’t believe a word of it but of course, who can remember what he/she did as a baby.

You ask me why didn’t we get along ? Are you thinking what could have happened? Look, at first, let me make this clear to you that I’m a believer in the concept of equality or ‘equal treatment”. I mean we should not discriminate people based on age or anything . Because by age, we usually consider experience and wise lessons learnt in one’s trying moments and yeah even intellectual growth. So, my point is that how can you just prove that if a person is 3 years older to me (yeah, my dida is just 3 years older to me) is more wiser than me, more intelligent than me, more creative than me just because when I was born, she had joined a school which had her name registered in print and where she would learn  some sort of lessons.

According to me, the more one knows himself/herself and is able to judge and know people without previous interaction, and  is in a way prompt in delivering out his/her views and thoughts regarding any thing is just sound enough to be considered a matured person on the whole.But how I wished that everyone would feel the same but no, they would not because people are just allergic to leave their age old belief systems.

Did I tell you that God had included so much of sensitivity, sympathy, like virtues in me that I used to get hurt every other day by people however near or far they were. That’s how I was born with a writer’s attitude right? And I have the God’s gift of remembering precisely any event which is of significance to me, doesn’t really matter whether it was good or not. Few are so lucky, am I or am I not?


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