Day #3: Family Saga Part 2


As I already have told you that I and didi used to think so much differently and quite in contrast to each other in almost everything in the day to day lives that we failed to show each other the general sister-like warm feelings like concern for each other, love for how we were and etc. etc. .

But now, as we are grown up, we have the complete justification for why we were acting like that. Look, the simple fact being that we were just so small or say immature mentally.  We hadn’t realized then that everyone has different view points and this diversity in thought processes ought to be respected.

If I tell you some incidents where we acted so weird like and used to freak out at each other, I guess some of you may relate to those if any of you has got a elder brother or sister. Now let me tell you this. Frankly speaking, all elders have (congenitally may be) a kind of superiority feeling that makes them want to dominate little un’s like us and command us to ‘do this, do that’. Hands up if you agree. Those who don’t belong to my category, please adopt the policy of non-interference. Okay, so I was to tell you all those funny, hilarious, most of the time silly and awkward things we sisters did.

It happened when we were living in hostel in the year 2006, I admit those days had really went so horrific as we were first time boarders. This is one of the most humiliating experience that I can never forget. It so happened like I was in 4th class and didi was in 6th. Very small kids right?

There, I had my class teacher Miss Swarna mam who used to take routine hygiene checks to make us students learn importance of grooming ourselves. And so like all teachers, she had told us to cut our hair short, apply oil, cut our nails, and bla bla.

That fateful day, as she came to me, she scolded me as to why my hair was not oiled. I was taken aback because I hadn’t expected her to say like this since I already had it oiled just then so that I don’t get punishment. I was a very sincere and disciplined student, you know. But as she told me to go back and have it done, I went.

I till today haven’t been able to figure out why my sister did what she did to me that day.  I didn’t own any accessories  because I was too small to take care of my things and also my parents thought that we both could manage with one. So, I went to her and asked to give me the bottle of oil but she denied to give me more than just 2 drops. Can you imagine this arrogance and narrow mindedness. I call it outright craziness. And yeah I guess it does worth a thousand laughs .

I stressed her that my class teacher has strictly told me to do so. But she started scolding mam and humiliated me saying so many things. I started crying and went back. But to my extreme dismay, mam returned to my side presently and stared at me with questioning eyes.

She started  verbally abusing me calling me a stupid and dauffer. I bent down my head shame-facedly. I was burning with humiliation inside but was afraid to show my suppressed anger. And indeed, I was afraid of both of them, because either way, was not safe for me now.

I guess I forgot to tell you one more thing. I was always clear in my conscience. I always spoke truth no matter what happened and this time too I did what my heart told me to do. Since my virtues told me to side with mam, I revealed before her that didi was denying me to do what she directed me to do. She then got completely enraged and called on my sister who obviously, didn’t say anything before mam but you and I know what would have happened after that with me.

Day #2- #My500words

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