Day #6: Who said its okay to make mistakes!!!

To err is human, to forgive is divine. I’m sure you all must have heard this proverb many times. Now consider the first part only. To err is human, what does it mean?

Making mistakes is a part and parcel of human life. Mistakes happen throughout our lives without excluding a single man. People say when we are going to do a job by ourselves, mistakes are bound to happen. They make us think better of the situation at hand. Some say he who has never made a mistake has never learnt anything. And this is undoubtedly true.

By making mistakes, we take our actions into account and analyse them so that the next time when we face a similar mistake, we are able to rectify it. You must have also heard this that he who learns from his own mistakes is a smart one, he who learns from other’s mistakes is the wisest of all and he who goes on repeating his mistakes is a fool for lifetime.

Again, mistakes are of different types but I would discuss only one part of it. Mistakes that are silly, embarrassing. I know some embarrassing moments come in everyone’s lives. These are the times when we think that how silly,awkward or gross thing has happened. Few even think if they are the only ones who go through such situations.

Hi, look, its okay, perfectly normal and I’m not being unrealistic. Because since  we are humans , we can’t act perfect always. I bet every individual person must have slipped on a banana peel once or twice in his life. You can do a survey to prove this too and it would be real fun to know the result. Of course, we would like a bit pampering or a bit sympathy when such things happen.

Now I’ll tell you few such funny incidents from my own life. So get ready to enjoy the comedy. Once in my schoollife time, my bestie and I were playing in the recess inside our classroom. It so happened that my friend slapped me hard on my back and ran. In order to catch her before she could get away, I doubled my original speed and went after her.

As luck would have it, I slipped (not on any peel or anything for that matter) and guess what- I went straight head down and landed my face with a thud  just mere inches away from my enemy boy classmate’s legs. How humiliating it was but what to do. I wanted to gracefully excuse myself from that ugly situation and obviously I was very very angry with my friend because now I had her rounded up as the real reason behind my getting involved in such a embarrassing condition.

Hey, aren’t you laughing. All my friends then had had a very nice giggling time that day and had even thanked me for making them laugh. As for myself, I think I must have sweared a thousand times that day murmuring evil curses for everyone of those girls who had mocked at our weak state.

Thank God, there were only a vey few boys or if not, my folly would have been remembered and recalled for all time; not to forget to mention that my own friends would recall it time to time when they got bored and needed a good laugh.500words_wide-e1388529158371

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