Day #7: Marriages

“All the marriages so far among our next generation in our family have been ‘L’ marriages.” I heard my mom’s voice as I was about to wake up. I wondered why this topic cropped up in wee hours of a chilly winter morning.

My parents were seated on the spare bed in the main hall and discussing about marriages. Only the day before yesterday, my favourite mami had ringed mom to tell her about my cousin sister’s marriage being fixed with a Tamil IIM, Shillong alumni. She had also sent pictures of my will-be jiju on Whatsapp and he looked like a well built man with broad shoulders and high height.

Mom was telling pa that mami had not disclosed the truth that my di and jiju were classmates and knew each other quite well enough . All mami said was that they met during ‘Alumina Meet’ and that the boy was in fact two years elder than my sis. And mom came to catch this lie in time when my mausaji from Bhubneswar had called casually.

But whatever it may be, I just want to ask you few things. Why there are so much stereotype involved connected with this one word ‘love’, so much that there are people who omit saying the very word and refer to it indirectly. And will someone anyone of you tell me what’s wrong in a love marriage?

According to me, it is much more secured, blissful, blessed way to tie the knot with a known one. Even if have a fight, you can always recall those sweet moments spent together and rejoice.

Look, I’m not saying that there aren’t any happy situations in a arranged marriage but you know somehow they both are different. The one to whom you become committed is the one whom you have chosen. It’s a different feeling altogether.

The one whom your parents have chosen may like to dictate your actions and its kinda like being forced to love him. But love is different. It can’t be forceful, its tender like a flower. Moreover, I feel that in love, you are free, you aren’t bound by any worldly chains. Love is like magic. The one who tastes it once wishes more and more of it.

I agree betrayal, misunderstandings, rejections, or you can have your own word breakup and all shit, these are equally painful but not more than falling in love again. You know what, before you fall in love, just remember to know yourself well and no matter what, always love yourself (from this moment to the end of the world).

Hey,not kidding , I really mean it. When you do it, you’ll know for yourself. It’s worth a millon tries. And please don’t give yourself to someone totally that you’ll lose yourself. Everything has a limit except gaining knowledge. If you do, you’ll have to face your own ruin. Remember, never expect but always remain hopeful that better times lie ahead and the best is yet to come.500words_wide-e1388529158371

You may like to read this post as well, its about my views on relationships,hope it helps…

4th 500 words

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