Day #10: All Lies aren’t lies..

500words_wide-e1388529158371Today I will talk about “friendly lies” in which I myself deeply believe in. Yeah, sometimes, lies are like friends; help us getting through a challenging phase without our knowledge. A lot of you must be familiar with this dialogue from Housefull ,“ Jis jhoot se kisi ka ghar basta hai, woh jhoot jhoot nahin hota”. Likewise, I believe that when  you lie for greater good, it does not require amends ever coz people will admire you more for your strength . Wondering why I call it a strength because you have to deal with the rest of the world to safeguard these lies . And most people are poorer when it comes to this type of courage. To make you understand with more clarity, I’ll tell you a short story, yet beautiful in every way. You’ll love it and be glad to know such things too exist.

It so happened that in a hospital, once there were two patients sharing a room. One of whom was blind and his view of life was of melancholic temperament (just so like me!). Lets take his name to be Ramu and the other one Shamu. Shamu was ever jovial and optimistic sort of guy whose charmful ways would make you wishing to listen to him for hours.  Shamu’s bed was positioned at the extreme side of the room from which a window overlooked the children’s park. Both Ramu and Shamu were diagnosed of fatal diseases. They knew their end drew nearer. Yet Shamu was least concerned about it. As for Ramu, he remained the same. And so it became Shamu’s job to cheer up Mr. Melancholy ( yeah, I mean Ramu).

From then on,everyday from dawn to dusk, Shamu would narrate everything that met his eye through the window. He would go on describing what the little kids did, all funny, cute things; how happy and playful they were, etc. All this while, Ramu would listen at length and smile now and then , grimancing over  the accounts of innocence and childishness. This went on for a couple of weeks until one day, when Ramu didn’t get any response from Shamu, for he was no more alive. Ramu broke down at the loss of his dearest friend. He sobbed like a baby that lost its toy.

After a brief period, the doctors got him operated and now he was able to see. He had requested that his bed be moved to the place where Shamu’s used to be and his request was complied. He wanted to look through the window outside. But he was taken aback by what he saw, for there was a solid wall staring back at him. He began enquiring about the window from the nurses. And they told him that there were no windows over there from whence the hospital was constructed. Now, the reality had dawned upon him and he cried uncontrollably.

So you see, how even a man at his death bed without possessing anything could still make all the difference in another person’s life and his life beautiful than ever.

P.S. this tale has been inspired from a simple, short message I had read somewhere, for which I’m unable to locate the source presently. No (c) on this article.

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