Day #9: Friendship

500words_wide-e1388529158371Why do we have friends? I know you’ll definitely say that we share our things, help each other, play, sing or dance together, and even do mischief together. This is the general case when we are all small, I mean to say not that matured enough to understand things. But later in our lives, we tend inclining towards some whom we call special friends, intimate/close friends, best friends, or even boyfriends or girl friends.

As we grow up, we need some committed friends who will stand by us in the roughest tide of time, a few who will understand our feelings and press our shoulders saying “pal its okay, it happens like this sometimes but soon everything will be alright”. Hey you too feel like me, don’t you? You know, we all deserve such friends.

The truth is many of us don’t have such friends, not that we couldn’t make ourselves seem worthful to others, but that they always pretended to understand when they didn’t even hear us clearly. We wished they knew us better. We wanted to share our misery with them because a problem shared is a problem halved. I’m a true believer in this.

And it really does make us baffled when you have a friend who promises to be with you always, wants you to fulfill all our ambitions, wants to see you happy all the time but doesn’t know what mental stress you are going through, even if you say doesn’t understand. So ridiculous isn’t? And you think of leaving such a friend who you label as a duffer. Coz you are optionless, clueless as to how to deal with such guys.

From time to time, you have reconsidered and given many a chances but to of no avail. You know what ,seriously that person doesn’t deserve your friendship. Now its none of your concerns what that person thinks behind you. So cheer up! Feel happy and blessed that you just proved and cut the shit off. Hoi, rejoice, its merrytime.  Don’t worry about such people anymore.

Now you are free from the bondage of worthless friendships. Wondering what all will think or say? Its none of your business. You just gave yourself the privilege of flushing out toxic people in your life. What does it matter what different it would have been if…..(on the condition that your thinking is this far).

In our life, we deserve to be happy and loved everytime, this is what is more important than any other thing. If you aren’t comfortable with something, label it ‘RUBBISH’ and throw it in the dust-bin. Cast it away in the back of your mind.

If you believe there is little good that may come,  then we’ll keep the recycled product but sorry, I’m literally tired of backup storages. I don’t want to give a damn or a damn for anyone, you got it right? I always feel re-charged when I talk like this. It kind of makes me empowered and not feel embarrassed or depressed or defeated even a single moment.

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