Why I’m unfit for chatting but still do


I feel I’m unfit for chatting when my message is ignored for a while and then seen or  if it is seen, I don’t get any replies or even if I did get a reply that would be a word or just one-two lines at maximum. But when I reply someone, it would be one paragraph at minimum. I always feel that people should write more to make the receiver feel he/she is needed or is in other words, is being cared for.

When I chat with my brother or sister, I send a bulk of messages, photos, jokes, and what not. But when they reply, it is hardly something called a reply. You got me right? So where does the problem lie? Is it in my high speed net or is it that people don’t know what to say in words exactly how they feel. Whatever, I wait patiently (actually impatiently checking my phone now and again) for days, weeks so that they ask my well being from their own side, but sadly, they don’t.

Hey that doesn’t make me depressed or desperate, it only makes me more curious as to why they don’t and so on wondering, I message them a hi and a how are you. Even to this simple question, some of those bullshit people don’t reply. But what do I have to lose?

Now, while being online, people tend to chat with only a couple of friends , especially boyfriends or girlfriends.And so when I message them a hiiieee, which is actually an over enthusiastic hi , I agree, but I feel if someone talks to me, that person ought to be excited about talking to me, am I right or am I right?(okay, the usual K.D. Pathak dialogue, you got it!)And then the person goes offline as if I have done a crime. Well, is just normally caring for someone a crime? Oh, maybe. Because I was in a hell (Chaitanya hostel) for two years, so, I don’t know if the rules here , in the normal world have changed.

When someone ignores me for no valid reason, I still feel a bit guilty, thinking did I bother him/her, did I interrupt him/her when he/she was busy. But they shouldn’t use whatsapp if they were that busy . Bloody idiots. Whoever is reading this piece, you might feel I’m shitting out vulgarly. Whatever you think, IDC. IDC? It’s my abbreviation for I don’t care.

I write for myself and all those people who feel like me,okay. You are reading this at your own choice. So now, don’t give me a damn. Coz I don’t care a hell what you think baby. Okay, did I mention that inspite of all this, I wish to chat, Oh yeah, I did. (in the title silly). It gives me a platform to talk shit and hear shit, okay sometimes useful. Actually I like to read and feel and enjoy and comment on the all types of messages there.

May it be about spirituality, common follies, santa banta jokes, or videos on feminism and all. So all these are not shit according to me but to people like my highly respected parents, it is. Maybe it is this that people think why am I talking so much, do I not have better jobs to do, and why do I not talk in just one word or two. One word or two?

Yeah, when I message to buddies, if they sometimes wish to ignore, but feel obligated to reply, then they say, just two words, “Oh yeah” “oh okay” or just “ohk ” and this one okay word makes it clear to me that they no longer wish to converse or in other words, they kinda say “your time’s up buddy”. So, what do I do, nothing actually. Just change my medium of communication, like I change to facebook or other.

I frankly wished to just write 500 words but you know as I keep on thinking, sentences continue to come into my head and then out to you in letters. Necessary, or unnecessary, doesn’t matter. And I keep on putting those thoughts in words. Okay, now, even I’m getting bored, so ttyl, talk to you later.

8 Replies to “Why I’m unfit for chatting but still do”

  1. well done dear…u dnt need to care about ppl who doesn’t care abt u…
    liked ur thoughts….even i send messages to ppl in a paragraph and when i get rplies its just within a line..i feel like whats ur problem buddy….hehe…anyway keep writing dear…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ooh…thanks…finally found someone who feels like me…I first I oughtn’t write about this…but now I’m glad I did…gained a friend in the process…thanks for reading and I’ll be glad if had anything to suggest about the writing style or topics…


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