Feb 1: Starting Afresh


Being a newbie on twitter, I have turned from a enthusiastic user to a wholetime poetry retweeter. At first, I started off with following the news handles and soon realized that I was getting pretty bored. I remember the day 2nd of November, 2016 ; the day I had sweared before the goinswriter.com site that I’m going to complete “my500words” 31 day writing challenge. Then, I kickstarted writing at 11-12 at night for a couple of days and although I had no idea on how to write, I began writing randomly.

You must be thinking I must have completed the challenge but no, I didn’t. I sort of got bored after constantly forcing myself to write. The main hindrance was that I had no idea as to what to write upon, how to start, who is gonna read my stuff, what will they of my piece and so on. Such thoughts added to my procrastinating habit and stopped continuing the challenge after 9-10 days.

You can check my stuff written that time here:-










So, you see the names tell my tale. Now I’ll tell what exactly happened. I didn’t follow up Jeff’s prompts. I’m literally feel guilty Jeff if you are reading this by any means. That time, I was a newbie even to wordpress. I had just started my blog page and was completely in a different state of mind. I wished to reach maximum audience in a shorter amount of time. So, I started writing about what I already knew. Well, what did I know? Something which I knew better than you of course. That would be me. Everyone knows himself more than others, isn’t it?

So, I wrote on my previous funny,silly,amusing incidents from childhood and in a few posts, I have wrote on my beliefs in certain categories like friendship,love,etc. relationships you know.

I like observing, studying, reflecting on human behaviours. It is a awesome hobby alongwith my favourite pastime. Yes, it is. You know, when I have nothing to do at times, like when I’m travelling in a train or bus or whatever means, for that matter, I tend to observe people.

I observe them like a detective, I mean to every miniscule. You all must be doing that sometimes, isn’t? Yeah, you do it when some person or any activity grabs your attention. And you think what an odd, strange thing that guy is doing. Or sometimes, some of you, like me, tend to discuss the strange physical features of people saying what an ugly, bent nose that guy has (just to give you an example).

All such things make me amused. I’ll go on staring those people around me. Yeah, you heard right. I go on STARING at them. Some of them return me a smile and then there are others you give a frown with their eyes looking straight at me, eyebrows raised and yelling inside their heads “Stare away !”.I know it’s same with all of us, even with me.

You know, you can learn a lot from one’s behaviors, manners, etiquettes. I want to learn from everyone’s personality. It’s a very good thing. You can incorporate any good thing you observed from people in you. It serves your purpose in the future.

4 Replies to “Feb 1: Starting Afresh”

  1. We all were beginner once… And its ok to b like this.. You are making beautiful memories.. Those Memories which we will think about after many years n laugh….
    Keep on going girl…
    Your wings are beautiful

    Liked by 1 person

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