Getting into the habit of writing


Hello buddies, its day 2 of the challenge. To be sincere, my only present goal for the entire month of February is to develop the habit of writing daily. Yeah, Jeff I’m doing something productive while other people are sleeping in or feeling guilty about not doing more with their lives. I’m making a difference in my own life and I’m proud of this fact.

So basically, I’ll be following the daily prompts for the challenge the entire of this month. So, my plan is to write 500 words daily on the substance of what the prompt demands. Just 500 words, everyday. Simple enough, right? That’s the answer to the question what motivated me start this habit. And I hope by doing this, I get into a habit of writing daily. This is the change I want to see happen in the following month.

Previously I had thought of not following the prompts but to write on the topic I had chosen for my yet-to-be written, completed and published novel. I had thought sort of continuing the plots every single day, writing piece by piece or chapter by chapter. But then, it failed me. Because I had no outline as to how was I ever going to accomplish it.

Now this reminds me to answer the next question. “How am I going to do this?” Well, I start with first reading today’s prompt challenge, then trying to bridge my imagination with the thing to be done. I then ponder over what could I write on this topic. After writing, I’m gonna share it in social media for people to find content.

It seriously doesn’t matter what I write. The thing that is significant for the time being is the fact that I’m writing. Jeff Goins once said, that

“To become a writer, you just have to write.” – Jeff Goins

So, I’m doing just that, nothing else. Even my friends at college tell me, “You write so well. Just do go on writing. Don’t stop. It will pay your efforts.”

So I already decided what to write on, so that I don’t have to spend my writing time thinking or planning every single time I sit before my system’s word file. And hope it will help me stay on track.

Here’s one of my self-created quotes I like to say:

“ When you are willing to write,

Words simply make themselves available to you.” – Georgina Smith

Feels nice to read, isn’t? Now, you will be wondering if it actually applies all the time. Then I’ll say, “Oh, yeah, certainly, it does.”

Just one thing I had omitted to reveal, its this that I have turned off my editing-machine and so, I’m not going to edit anymore on what I write. We tend to make sure that what we have written are the best way we could have presented or what we wrote were the perfect words we used. If you think this way, then you are damn sure going to edit and re-edit and then re-re-edit one line five lines over just to make sure they sound perfect.

Hi there, look now, we are not critics that we need to perfect each and every word. Yeah but yes, you can have a skimming to check if the grammar or spelling part is alright.

I have exceeded the limit, time to finish off this article, so then, will continue tomorrow.


11 Replies to “Getting into the habit of writing”

  1. Not editing what we write is at times so essential because sometimes it’s appealing to be who you are and what your thoughts are rather than focusing on what others want

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  2. Certainly u r doing it… Happy to see…
    Keep on writing dude… You never know when unknowingly you will create something… Which will be a masterpiece for many
    Bucket to best wishes
    You go girl 😉

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    1. glad u r hpy…..”unknowingly create smthing?”….Awwe…I would like that to happen
      ‘masterpiece’ is a distant word….I’ll make sure to do what I can…..
      thanks for your wishes dear….
      you strengthen this birds’ wings……luv uh…


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