The best time to write !


Early morning? 60-90 minutes after waking up? Well, it doesn’t work in my case. I’m saying because I have tried it more than a couple of mornings.

One day I got up, reminded myself that I have got to write 500 words, freshened up a bit, headed for my room, turned the system on, sat there like a statue excited to begin. And believe me, I got carried away in a myriad of thoughts but I couldn’t get started.

I kept asking myself, “ Hello, buddy! You wanted to write now, so where shall we begin?” “Any ideas?”

“Nope,old pal. I’m not getting anything. Please let’s skip this.”

“Yeah, okay, then what about your goal?”

“Hell your goal, I don’t care.”

So that’s how it went for quite half an hour or so until when I quit trying. That’s why. I’m saying, this writing ‘thing’ in the morning doesn’t suit to the likes of me.

I rather like to write at night. Since night-time is quiet, peaceful, and your ‘hither & thither’ running thoughts don’t distract you. You only think of the priority oriented. So its more easy.

Somebody said you shall have a “writer’s high” throughout the day if you write in the morning,but I personally don’t quite agree with it. I believe I’ll have a “writer’s high” (whatever that means) for a entire week at the minimum if I wrote something now.

Motivation is not something ephemeral. It stays on for a few days in such cases.

For majority of people, exactly writers, lack of time is highly responsible for their negligence to write. It’s true there, everyone gets so busy in their businesses, jobs, etc that their state of mind remains at a highly excited mood. They get stressed easily, lose motivation to work easily. The reason for this, maybe their workload or failure of people to appreciate their work that makes them to willfully under-perform.

Then, how am I able to? Well, “I’m not working, I’m still studying.” Yup, the usual facebook status of folks like me, ‘students’. I find this line very funny, I think what the person wishes to say. Is he declaring like or just rhyming the affirmative, whatever,frankly,  its ridiculous.

You might be thinking that I’m blabbering un-necessarily. Well, that’s just what I have got to do today. Think, write till I hit the bull’s eye, ‘target’ you know.

I prefer to write like we are both in a conversation. The reason is I hate being alone. Talking self to self, yeah some people do, even me at times but if you are gonna see that person actually doing it, you are gonna feel like “Hullo, is that guy mad?”

I don’t have any specific topic to write upon. Today’s prompt was to kinda justify that morning is the best time to write and how can we all keep track of us if we are really doing it or not.

But I already told you that I don’t like to write in the morning in the first place. Presently, I’m thinking that one fine day like today, I’ll be losing all my words and from that day, I’ll have nothing more left to say. My word page shows 549, I made it. Hope to continue tomorrow.


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