The tug-of-war between good grades and students


Today we live in a world where scientific developments, industrial revolutions , etc have reached their zenith and are trying to discover lots of other scopes where they can excel. We all are continuously striving towards excellence in every aspect of our lives. Be it in studies, or society, we try for securing the best position for us.

Decades back, graduation was considered as the highest degree one can achieve and those people were respected. But now, even post graduation is not a sufficient criteria for excellence. We have to go beyond that. Seriously, what have we done?

I, myself when completed , what we previously called metriculation, I wished to feel grateful that a substansive part of my educational life got over. Holy Mary! Today, even after completing my 12th , everyone says “Beta, your career has not yet started. You still have a long way to go. Study more, get more degrees, bla bla bla.” They are right, even you will agree but it sunks low my optimism.

Is studying, an easy job? Nay. If this would have been the case, then everyone would have made a library not only in their localities but also in their homes. And everyday, from dawn to dusk , would have stuck with ‘books’. But this isn’t the case.

If you are thinking I’m exaggerating, then you have my apologies. And I would be glad if you stop reading this moment.

But everyone studies because in today’s world, studies have become a ‘necessity’ like our basic requirements. There was a time, people said being ‘literate’, knowing one or language perfectly, which is, being able to read, write, interpret and able to do basic arithmetic was the order of the day. Presently, these things no more apply.

Lakhs of people, students, get into engineering, half-hearted, but they do because either they are choiceless or have to complete their studies early and run for jobs. I’m saying this on the basis that one, the chances of getting into engineering colleges is easier than medical colleges and two, nobody gets into medical half-hearted.

When we were in school, there was a tug of war for better percentages. Even the dot something mattered, decimals man, you get me?  As we grew up, now there is a race for better grades, O-E-A ; learning the alphabet was much easier.

The CGPs, SGPs, overall average CGPs; whatever they imply, they try to make us put us kinda life and death situation, telling us to put maximum efforts, and work consistently. And when the results come, it comes in the form of a roller coaster ride, ups and downs ; ups and downs.

On the bright side, studying more and more opens up a wide range of avenues for you to pursue your choicest careers and interests. The returns are equally rewarding, getting successful financially is the major part. Others include, respect, name-fame and all those stuff. You status increases among your kins, your standard of living increases making you most satisfied in life than ever.

So, the overall conclusion is Studying is essential, to the mind (knowledge), to the soul(self satisfaction), to the body(comfortable life, getting whatever you desire). Here’s quote by a well known motivator that I’ve pasted on my study-wall.

“ Feeling is good, do it

Feeling is bad, do it.”Sandeep Maheswari


Because  at the end :-

                      “You do not get what you want

                           You get what you are.”Sandeep Maheswari


13 Replies to “The tug-of-war between good grades and students”

  1. ”You do not get what u want…”
    ”You get what u r…”
    It is rightly said….
    Studies…. though seems so boring to us…..but it has turned to b a necessity in today’s generation….
    N u have explained this in a most better way….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I recently had the good fortune of reading your article regarding grades . It was well-written and contained sound and practical advice.You pointed out several things that I will remember for years to come. I look forward to reading your next informative writings…!! 🙂


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