Dubious thoughts…..musings of a guy (a brief tale)


I have been waiting for 3 days 9 hours 52 seconds but look, there is still no message. Does she even care for me? No, it cannot be like this. She will reply, I’m sure.

Oh God, let her message me just once. If she doesn’t then what shall I do? I can’t think of anything clearly. Lets leave thinking this far.

Till now, we were in good terms. Then, why suddenly this had to happen? Why ‘he’ had to interrupt in the middle?

What the fuck ‘he’ has done?

Just a week before now, we used to talk a lot. She used to message me within seconds of getting my message. But now, she either replys late or doesn’t reply. And that too, when I start the conversation, she talks or else she wouldn’t.

She doesn’t message first from her side. Why is she treating me like this? She should care about me. Because I care so much for her.

Earlier, when we used to talk, V used to tell me all random things but now, she says nothing.

I know she doesn’t care for me anymore. Because her ex has come back into her life na, that’s why.

I’m this much serious about our relationship but she doesn’t give a damn.

Even if I cry, it won’t matter to her. Has she started distancing from me? But why?

No, she can’t do this. I’m sure she will talk to me.

We have shared so many things with each other. Doesn’t it count? It does.

The last time we met, we couldn’t talk properly. Because we were in the public. And she had revealed that she couldn’t talk to me in the public. Fine, its okay.

If she doesn’t want, then I wouldn’t ask her.

I have waited for so many days, months to ask her if she loved me.

But then, if I ask and she says no, what shall I do?

Already once it has happened with me. I asked a girl in 12th who said ‘no’. I had felt so heart broken then.

I had become a laughing stock before my friends. I had got hurt so deeply then. Hence, I do not want it to happen again.

Actually, why the fuck I gave that first girl that much importance, I can’t think.

V is so much better than her. Not only better, she’s the best. I have never met a girl like her before.

I have fallen in love the second time. “Can love happen twice?” as it had happened with Ravinder Singh?

Should I ask V now or should I not? I’m not sure if I should ask.

But if she said no, then I would get depressed again like before it had been with me once.

I’m filled with hurt. I want to cry. But there’s no one here who can understand me.

Mine is a twice failure love story. I know, no one will understand me.

Okay, leave this. Lets rejoice in the meanwhile.

But still, I do hope she has cares for me.


13 Replies to “Dubious thoughts…..musings of a guy (a brief tale)”

    1. arey this is how a guy lover thinks….I tried to impersonate my friend…..tried to get into his character and write out his thoughts….and he too gave me 90% accurate description….hehe….. 😉
      a writer can write about any character….dear….thanks for your words…


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