Planning-Listingthe endless routine!!

“Whenever you sit down to study, foremost of all, you need to make a timetable. It will make sure that you gave equal justice to all your subjects within a bound time limit.”, my papa reminds me this every other day. He even does a bit blackmail saying that all good students make routines, stick to it like a gum. They make their notes, they discipline themselves, so should you.

When the first time, I had heard these words, I had literally followed his advice word to word. At times, it did not work precisely but then, I knew how to manage and juggle between the specific time bounds.

Time management comes to you more out of practice than any hidden art. I’m surprised till date how I used to do it before. Because now, I am spending more efforts in planning and listing than actually getting the work accomplished.

I sought help from one of my respected , all students’ favourite zoology lecturer, “ In what way I could achieve more efficiency in my work?”; to which he just said, “When you’ve tried working according to your timetable, you have got 20% of the job done. If you wouldn’t even plan things, then you’ll have nothing at your stake.” I got illumined, got a new perspective to hold on to when I get stuck.

I not only plan and work but also analyse why I couldn’t finish a task. It shows me why an assignment was left un-attended to when I could have completed it,etc.  And then I try to modify my approach to get things done.

When your to-do things don’t work, rest assured because either you are planning un-realistically or you are not working.

Sometimes, I think why is that everytime we have got to make a time table, and follow it like an animal, trying to catch things alongwith it (I mean finshing things as per the time). But then, the answer is obvious, we do it for our betterment, at the end, its gonna pay us, none else.

Let me make my creative list this instant:

  1. Am never gonna stop reading stuff
  2. Will try my best to write (although sometimes I myself feel my writing gets repetitious and sucks!)
  3. Complete one book per month, whichever genre, just doesn’t matter (inculcating a habit is much harder isn’t?)
  4. Quora, lifehack, Wattapad, let my exams get over, I’ll be soon there.
  5. WordPress, don’t worry, you’re next to home, although I haven’t still figured out how bloggers connect here.
  6. Going to work on my first book soon, people please support .

I’ll be putting the first chapter for review soon, don’t forget to review.

Who makes such a list, its more nonsensical than my words. Never mind. I wrote in a way I’ll want myself to do.

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2 thoughts on “Planning-Listingthe endless routine!!

  1. Hi, I’m quite shocked about your lecturer opinion. Never heard any educational figures against time management. I agree for a good to do list but it must be realistic and with time goals. Always know your limit and yeah, dont neee too be hard on ourselves. Hey, there are few wordpress based blogs aimed for writing and poetry prompst. That ought to help you connected. My main blog is on Blogspot so Im not really sure other way to be connected. Otherwise, you can try Disqus. US and UK have plenty of bloggers than Malaysia. Im sure there are a lot of support group on Facebook as well.

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