The Strange Case of Introverts

One of the most easily spotted faces in a crowd  is that of an introvert. His eyes stare continuosly to the ground , back straightened, sulky faced as if he lost some hundred pounds of gold, his lips don’t move much unless he feels its necessary to speak. They believe being silent for them is the next form of communication.

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I, like all extroverts, tend to talk much & listen little, moreover we actually listen to talk, the common sarcastic truth. And when we speak to people about us or on anything global trending stuff, we want other’s opinion. We secretly wish they too think the same and treat things like we do, acknowledge our claims & find resemblance in our thoughts.

An interesting facet of being social is that we get to know about not only people with whom we are conversing but also also know their opinions, beliefs on other people, their works’, or on things of genuine interest.

Particularly, in the case of introverts, we extroverts get easily disappointed because of their dis-inclination to chatter,& giggle with us. They just love to listen to our life’s randoms. But if you are expecting a reply from them, either you need to skip your query or change your company.

Keeping quiet seems like a boon to us. It sure is a potential weapon. But there are times, you need to voice up your concerns, for none is a mind-reader.

Once so it happened, during my school time, my bestie persistently beckons me . Being bit busy I tell him to wait & chat later. We couldn’t talk that entire day & then at home, I get this mail saying he was upset ; so thought chatting with  me might make him feel better. But how was I to know what the hell happened with him.

Now, a word of caution for all introverts, we aren’t know-alls ;so please convey your messages through words not gestures.

A most peculiar quality of introverts is that they hate talking on cellphones. And blimey, every extrovert absolutely loves this. Isn’t? Next time, call one of them up , say hi & wait for their reply; they’ll reply in most boring tones, you’ll feel as if they’re half asleep. Utterly irritating right but that’s how introverts really are, way too irritating.


They talk to a very few people outside their family whom they find interesting. They are allergic to human contact, so they tend avoiding  it. But to few people they converse regularly with, they reveal their funny witty side & entertain them. Some introverts even think they can be more funnier than extroverts, a contrasting fact which I feel obliged to challenge.

They get emotional for the few people they know & for rest, completely devoid of emotions. By unknowns means that category of people they never interacted & those with whom they are not interested to interact.

A introvert friend reveals this:                                                                                                          During a long journey, all extroverts kind of talk to people next to them in train & we are like if someone says us hello we think – “oh crap why?? What’s the need of this?? Now this person will bore me throughout the journey.”

One reason they specify that if they said hello, then it falls on their part to keep the conversation going by thinking of some common topic interesting to both, the speaker & the listener. But when other people start, they know exactly on what points they need to focuss while talking to make their conversation seem interesting.

They adjust themselves according to others & then talk the way their listeners wish them to. This way, they never bore their listeners & even can manipulate them to talk more which becomes a kind of win-win situation for them.

Another thing which makes me quizzical is their love for digital conversations. They are avid online chatters, they talk more than most talkative extroverts. This & in lot other ways, understanding introverts intrigues me time and again.


4 Replies to “The Strange Case of Introverts”

  1. Its true that introverts never reveal a lot about them to others. But this doesn’t mean that they are boring ! And we cant generalize this point for all.

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