Thoughts….thoughts….so many!!

You can’t know me coz am yet to recognize my complete self, purpose,etc. Do not wish, it’ll turn to be mere fantasy. My fantasyland is an utopia, a place where no man ever set his foot……. a vision…..destiny on which my soul depends.

You know, lets talk. Know what, people fuss……people judge…..they will always remain the same wherever you go. When I try reaching out, I find no response. Feeling lonely amidst crowds, chose to live a life of solitude.

 Left to myself, ‘words’ merely ATTRACT me towards them coz they want to be written down and recorded for years to come. People will want to get close to them, the so-called ‘bestsellers’ about which everyone loves to get mad about.

Sometimes I dream to be in heaven beyond all suffering, no matter what, wishes never stop ‘wishing’.

Who I am? Well, genuinely, a simple living high thinking category writer. To establish our friendship, have we met? No? Doesn’t matter.

When am alone, I remember just this… and my writing, me and my thoughts….that want to flow out of my pen non-stop.

I’ve chosen wrong people as friends most of the times…..which is why I learnt a lot in my life.

I needed a friend who could take my hand and walk with me to that ‘place’ where I always wished to go in my daydreams. That place is so special to my heart. Its close to me like nothing else. Now,I know what it is. Its my DEEP ROOTED “an uninspired desire”.

I wish to enjoy every bit of my short life……want it to be like a roller-coaster ride, full of fun,thrill…..adventures……want to get immersed among the crowd…..lose myself……go to a place no one else been……and remain there forever.


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