The Strange Case of Introverts

One of the most easily spotted faces in a crowd  is that of an introvert. His eyes stare continuosly to the ground , back straightened, sulky faced as if he lost some hundred pounds of gold, his lips don’t move much unless he feels its necessary to speak. They believe being silent for them is... Continue Reading →

A Few Words to My Younger Self

What was the first thing you learnt before walking? Simply walking. No right? First, you learnt how to get up, stand steadily, then tried to take the ‘first step’. You tried but your baby legs made you fall. What did you do then? You laughed aloud, you clapped. Isn’t? Again you took another step, this... Continue Reading →

The day I’ll never forget……

Once upon a time, it so happened…… Way too old fashioned. This was the day of my ‘calling’. I remember every bit of it so vividly. The scenes of anxiety, curiosity, excitement, achievement dance on the screen of my mind’s eye even today like it had happened just yesterday. Moments of stupidity, astonishment , triumphant... Continue Reading →

The best time to write !

Early morning? 60-90 minutes after waking up? Well, it doesn’t work in my case. I’m saying because I have tried it more than a couple of mornings. One day I got up, reminded myself that I have got to write 500 words, freshened up a bit, headed for my room, turned the system on, sat... Continue Reading →

Getting into the habit of writing

Hello buddies, its day 2 of the challenge. To be sincere, my only present goal for the entire month of February is to develop the habit of writing daily. Yeah, Jeff I’m doing something productive while other people are sleeping in or feeling guilty about not doing more with their lives. I’m making a difference... Continue Reading →

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