Getting into the habit of writing


Hello buddies, its day 2 of the challenge. To be sincere, my only present goal for the entire month of February is to develop the habit of writing daily. Yeah, Jeff I’m doing something productive while other people are sleeping in or feeling guilty about not doing more with their lives. I’m making a difference in my own life and I’m proud of this fact.

So basically, I’ll be following the daily prompts for the challenge the entire of this month. So, my plan is to write 500 words daily on the substance of what the prompt demands. Just 500 words, everyday. Simple enough, right? That’s the answer to the question what motivated me start this habit. And I hope by doing this, I get into a habit of writing daily. This is the change I want to see happen in the following month.

Previously I had thought of not following the prompts but to write on the topic I had chosen for my yet-to-be written, completed and published novel. I had thought sort of continuing the plots every single day, writing piece by piece or chapter by chapter. But then, it failed me. Because I had no outline as to how was I ever going to accomplish it.

Now this reminds me to answer the next question. “How am I going to do this?” Well, I start with first reading today’s prompt challenge, then trying to bridge my imagination with the thing to be done. I then ponder over what could I write on this topic. After writing, I’m gonna share it in social media for people to find content.

It seriously doesn’t matter what I write. The thing that is significant for the time being is the fact that I’m writing. Jeff Goins once said, that

“To become a writer, you just have to write.” – Jeff Goins

So, I’m doing just that, nothing else. Even my friends at college tell me, “You write so well. Just do go on writing. Don’t stop. It will pay your efforts.”

So I already decided what to write on, so that I don’t have to spend my writing time thinking or planning every single time I sit before my system’s word file. And hope it will help me stay on track.

Here’s one of my self-created quotes I like to say:

“ When you are willing to write,

Words simply make themselves available to you.” – Georgina Smith

Feels nice to read, isn’t? Now, you will be wondering if it actually applies all the time. Then I’ll say, “Oh, yeah, certainly, it does.”

Just one thing I had omitted to reveal, its this that I have turned off my editing-machine and so, I’m not going to edit anymore on what I write. We tend to make sure that what we have written are the best way we could have presented or what we wrote were the perfect words we used. If you think this way, then you are damn sure going to edit and re-edit and then re-re-edit one line five lines over just to make sure they sound perfect.

Hi there, look now, we are not critics that we need to perfect each and every word. Yeah but yes, you can have a skimming to check if the grammar or spelling part is alright.

I have exceeded the limit, time to finish off this article, so then, will continue tomorrow.

Feb 1: Starting Afresh


Being a newbie on twitter, I have turned from a enthusiastic user to a wholetime poetry retweeter. At first, I started off with following the news handles and soon realized that I was getting pretty bored. I remember the day 2nd of November, 2016 ; the day I had sweared before the site that I’m going to complete “my500words” 31 day writing challenge. Then, I kickstarted writing at 11-12 at night for a couple of days and although I had no idea on how to write, I began writing randomly.

You must be thinking I must have completed the challenge but no, I didn’t. I sort of got bored after constantly forcing myself to write. The main hindrance was that I had no idea as to what to write upon, how to start, who is gonna read my stuff, what will they of my piece and so on. Such thoughts added to my procrastinating habit and stopped continuing the challenge after 9-10 days.

You can check my stuff written that time here:-

So, you see the names tell my tale. Now I’ll tell what exactly happened. I didn’t follow up Jeff’s prompts. I’m literally feel guilty Jeff if you are reading this by any means. That time, I was a newbie even to wordpress. I had just started my blog page and was completely in a different state of mind. I wished to reach maximum audience in a shorter amount of time. So, I started writing about what I already knew. Well, what did I know? Something which I knew better than you of course. That would be me. Everyone knows himself more than others, isn’t it?

So, I wrote on my previous funny,silly,amusing incidents from childhood and in a few posts, I have wrote on my beliefs in certain categories like friendship,love,etc. relationships you know.

I like observing, studying, reflecting on human behaviours. It is a awesome hobby alongwith my favourite pastime. Yes, it is. You know, when I have nothing to do at times, like when I’m travelling in a train or bus or whatever means, for that matter, I tend to observe people.

I observe them like a detective, I mean to every miniscule. You all must be doing that sometimes, isn’t? Yeah, you do it when some person or any activity grabs your attention. And you think what an odd, strange thing that guy is doing. Or sometimes, some of you, like me, tend to discuss the strange physical features of people saying what an ugly, bent nose that guy has (just to give you an example).

All such things make me amused. I’ll go on staring those people around me. Yeah, you heard right. I go on STARING at them. Some of them return me a smile and then there are others you give a frown with their eyes looking straight at me, eyebrows raised and yelling inside their heads “Stare away !”.I know it’s same with all of us, even with me.

You know, you can learn a lot from one’s behaviors, manners, etiquettes. I want to learn from everyone’s personality. It’s a very good thing. You can incorporate any good thing you observed from people in you. It serves your purpose in the future.

Why I’m unfit for chatting but still do


I feel I’m unfit for chatting when my message is ignored for a while and then seen or  if it is seen, I don’t get any replies or even if I did get a reply that would be a word or just one-two lines at maximum. But when I reply someone, it would be one paragraph at minimum. I always feel that people should write more to make the receiver feel he/she is needed or is in other words, is being cared for.

When I chat with my brother or sister, I send a bulk of messages, photos, jokes, and what not. But when they reply, it is hardly something called a reply. You got me right? So where does the problem lie? Is it in my high speed net or is it that people don’t know what to say in words exactly how they feel. Whatever, I wait patiently (actually impatiently checking my phone now and again) for days, weeks so that they ask my well being from their own side, but sadly, they don’t.

Hey that doesn’t make me depressed or desperate, it only makes me more curious as to why they don’t and so on wondering, I message them a hi and a how are you. Even to this simple question, some of those bullshit people don’t reply. But what do I have to lose?

Now, while being online, people tend to chat with only a couple of friends , especially boyfriends or girlfriends.And so when I message them a hiiieee, which is actually an over enthusiastic hi , I agree, but I feel if someone talks to me, that person ought to be excited about talking to me, am I right or am I right?(okay, the usual K.D. Pathak dialogue, you got it!)And then the person goes offline as if I have done a crime. Well, is just normally caring for someone a crime? Oh, maybe. Because I was in a hell (Chaitanya hostel) for two years, so, I don’t know if the rules here , in the normal world have changed.

When someone ignores me for no valid reason, I still feel a bit guilty, thinking did I bother him/her, did I interrupt him/her when he/she was busy. But they shouldn’t use whatsapp if they were that busy . Bloody idiots. Whoever is reading this piece, you might feel I’m shitting out vulgarly. Whatever you think, IDC. IDC? It’s my abbreviation for I don’t care.

I write for myself and all those people who feel like me,okay. You are reading this at your own choice. So now, don’t give me a damn. Coz I don’t care a hell what you think baby. Okay, did I mention that inspite of all this, I wish to chat, Oh yeah, I did. (in the title silly). It gives me a platform to talk shit and hear shit, okay sometimes useful. Actually I like to read and feel and enjoy and comment on the all types of messages there.

May it be about spirituality, common follies, santa banta jokes, or videos on feminism and all. So all these are not shit according to me but to people like my highly respected parents, it is. Maybe it is this that people think why am I talking so much, do I not have better jobs to do, and why do I not talk in just one word or two. One word or two?

Yeah, when I message to buddies, if they sometimes wish to ignore, but feel obligated to reply, then they say, just two words, “Oh yeah” “oh okay” or just “ohk ” and this one okay word makes it clear to me that they no longer wish to converse or in other words, they kinda say “your time’s up buddy”. So, what do I do, nothing actually. Just change my medium of communication, like I change to facebook or other.

I frankly wished to just write 500 words but you know as I keep on thinking, sentences continue to come into my head and then out to you in letters. Necessary, or unnecessary, doesn’t matter. And I keep on putting those thoughts in words. Okay, now, even I’m getting bored, so ttyl, talk to you later.

Day #5:As the story goes


Hey I hope you are really enjoying our silly anecdotes? If you do then do allow me to tell you more. This time, I will tell you a very very odd and silly thing that I did whose outcome was equally ridiculous. Okay, so this thing happened when I had just joined my new school, its called Dayanand Anglo Vedic or DAV for short . And I would go certainly this far as to add that its one of the best schools in the entire world.

It had been just half a year having me joined there. I had already got accustomed with my mates, teachers and especially the language all of them spoke. Actually I came from an odia background since my back to back school was an odia medium school, its called SSVM( now please don’t ask me its full form coz you’ll find it funny after all the name itself is in odia).Odia is my mother tongue. And it’s a totally different case that I don’t write it well.

And starting to learn an universal language when half of your mates already knew it well enough was equally challenging. Not just English, I didn’t even know how to speak my national language hindi in which my buddies usually communicated. I was a nerd then, believe me, I admit it. If you are thinking as to why I go into things in detail, my humble answer to you would be that its one of this things that makes me interesting or different from others.

Now coming back to my story; that eventful day, a warm surprise had awaited for us at school.

Those days, “ Taare Zameen Par” had hit the theatres nationwide and had been appreciated by one and all. I too had gone with my family to watch it. I was particularly moved by Ishaan, the main character, a schoolboy was struggling with dyslexia unknown to both himself and his  parents. At one point, you would laugh when he bombarded the number 9 with 3 when asked to write the product of 9*3 in his imagination.

Presently our Principal mam announced that she is going to take the whole school for a movie. Can you guess our reaction to this. Yeah, we were literally jumping excitedly like monkeys. It was for the first time such a thing was to happen.

In our ground assembly, we stood in columns of 40-50. I was standing in one of those.  And mam had told that everyone has to pay 16 rupees for the ticket. Suddenly, a queer thought entered my head and I abruptly signaled one of my friends who was standing in front of me in the line and told her to pass on my signal to our class teacher.

My message reached mam and she looked at me and asked what it was that I wanted. And guess what, I was in a hurry to ask her this: “Mam, are you too going to pay that 16 rupees?” At first, she didn’t answer and just turned away. I thought she must not have heard properly. I once again repeated my question. This time she looked glaringly at me that was more enough to make me conscious that I was doing something ‘not right’ and so I shut up.

But I couldn’t understand what wrong I did. The answer to my question came after a couple of periods. That time, Maths class was going on and I must tell you how much we students were afraid and disliked this maths teacher. The only reason being that she was more strict than it was required. I was really lucky that I used to finish my assignments on time for if not, I would have got my knuckles get skinned off. Nevertheless, the fear of getting beaten was always there more or less.

In the middle of the class, my class teacher came in and told something to my maths teacher. After which, she beckoned me to come and stand before her. Between this, I was sure I was to get punished for my behavior. I felt my heart pounding faster and louder than usual. I could have used one “All is well” but fact is that the film had not released that time.

“So, what did you ask her?”, my maths teacher enquired. I was already feeling guilty and looked down.   “ Aaj kal tum bohot badhboli ho gayi ho”, this comment came from my class teacher. I not only got reprimanded infront of a class 40 people but had lost my impression before both my teachers.

For this, I even got punishment for the first time in my new school . I was made to sit beside a boy. I pleaded to my teachers but did they hear? No. I even got an apology letter signed by my father but that only added to my teacher’s anger and she made me sit in between two guys.

For the rest  part of the year, for nearly half a year I was damned to sit there. I was the only girl in the boys column. Holy shit! She thought I’ll keep quiet after all this. But did I? No way. I believe communication is very much essential for improving a person . So, even when I was ridiculed, sweared at, still I talked a lot with my bench-mates. Now time for you to have a hearty laugh. Hope you enjoyed it.

Day #10: All Lies aren’t lies..

500words_wide-e1388529158371Today I will talk about “friendly lies” in which I myself deeply believe in. Yeah, sometimes, lies are like friends; help us getting through a challenging phase without our knowledge. A lot of you must be familiar with this dialogue from Housefull ,“ Jis jhoot se kisi ka ghar basta hai, woh jhoot jhoot nahin hota”. Likewise, I believe that when  you lie for greater good, it does not require amends ever coz people will admire you more for your strength . Wondering why I call it a strength because you have to deal with the rest of the world to safeguard these lies . And most people are poorer when it comes to this type of courage. To make you understand with more clarity, I’ll tell you a short story, yet beautiful in every way. You’ll love it and be glad to know such things too exist.

It so happened that in a hospital, once there were two patients sharing a room. One of whom was blind and his view of life was of melancholic temperament (just so like me!). Lets take his name to be Ramu and the other one Shamu. Shamu was ever jovial and optimistic sort of guy whose charmful ways would make you wishing to listen to him for hours.  Shamu’s bed was positioned at the extreme side of the room from which a window overlooked the children’s park. Both Ramu and Shamu were diagnosed of fatal diseases. They knew their end drew nearer. Yet Shamu was least concerned about it. As for Ramu, he remained the same. And so it became Shamu’s job to cheer up Mr. Melancholy ( yeah, I mean Ramu).

From then on,everyday from dawn to dusk, Shamu would narrate everything that met his eye through the window. He would go on describing what the little kids did, all funny, cute things; how happy and playful they were, etc. All this while, Ramu would listen at length and smile now and then , grimancing over  the accounts of innocence and childishness. This went on for a couple of weeks until one day, when Ramu didn’t get any response from Shamu, for he was no more alive. Ramu broke down at the loss of his dearest friend. He sobbed like a baby that lost its toy.

After a brief period, the doctors got him operated and now he was able to see. He had requested that his bed be moved to the place where Shamu’s used to be and his request was complied. He wanted to look through the window outside. But he was taken aback by what he saw, for there was a solid wall staring back at him. He began enquiring about the window from the nurses. And they told him that there were no windows over there from whence the hospital was constructed. Now, the reality had dawned upon him and he cried uncontrollably.

So you see, how even a man at his death bed without possessing anything could still make all the difference in another person’s life and his life beautiful than ever.

P.S. this tale has been inspired from a simple, short message I had read somewhere, for which I’m unable to locate the source presently. No (c) on this article.

Day #9: Friendship

500words_wide-e1388529158371Why do we have friends? I know you’ll definitely say that we share our things, help each other, play, sing or dance together, and even do mischief together. This is the general case when we are all small, I mean to say not that matured enough to understand things. But later in our lives, we tend inclining towards some whom we call special friends, intimate/close friends, best friends, or even boyfriends or girl friends.

As we grow up, we need some committed friends who will stand by us in the roughest tide of time, a few who will understand our feelings and press our shoulders saying “pal its okay, it happens like this sometimes but soon everything will be alright”. Hey you too feel like me, don’t you? You know, we all deserve such friends.

The truth is many of us don’t have such friends, not that we couldn’t make ourselves seem worthful to others, but that they always pretended to understand when they didn’t even hear us clearly. We wished they knew us better. We wanted to share our misery with them because a problem shared is a problem halved. I’m a true believer in this.

And it really does make us baffled when you have a friend who promises to be with you always, wants you to fulfill all our ambitions, wants to see you happy all the time but doesn’t know what mental stress you are going through, even if you say doesn’t understand. So ridiculous isn’t? And you think of leaving such a friend who you label as a duffer. Coz you are optionless, clueless as to how to deal with such guys.

From time to time, you have reconsidered and given many a chances but to of no avail. You know what ,seriously that person doesn’t deserve your friendship. Now its none of your concerns what that person thinks behind you. So cheer up! Feel happy and blessed that you just proved and cut the shit off. Hoi, rejoice, its merrytime.  Don’t worry about such people anymore.

Now you are free from the bondage of worthless friendships. Wondering what all will think or say? Its none of your business. You just gave yourself the privilege of flushing out toxic people in your life. What does it matter what different it would have been if…..(on the condition that your thinking is this far).

In our life, we deserve to be happy and loved everytime, this is what is more important than any other thing. If you aren’t comfortable with something, label it ‘RUBBISH’ and throw it in the dust-bin. Cast it away in the back of your mind.

If you believe there is little good that may come,  then we’ll keep the recycled product but sorry, I’m literally tired of backup storages. I don’t want to give a damn or a damn for anyone, you got it right? I always feel re-charged when I talk like this. It kind of makes me empowered and not feel embarrassed or depressed or defeated even a single moment.

Day #7: Marriages

“All the marriages so far among our next generation in our family have been ‘L’ marriages.” I heard my mom’s voice as I was about to wake up. I wondered why this topic cropped up in wee hours of a chilly winter morning.

My parents were seated on the spare bed in the main hall and discussing about marriages. Only the day before yesterday, my favourite mami had ringed mom to tell her about my cousin sister’s marriage being fixed with a Tamil IIM, Shillong alumni. She had also sent pictures of my will-be jiju on Whatsapp and he looked like a well built man with broad shoulders and high height.

Mom was telling pa that mami had not disclosed the truth that my di and jiju were classmates and knew each other quite well enough . All mami said was that they met during ‘Alumina Meet’ and that the boy was in fact two years elder than my sis. And mom came to catch this lie in time when my mausaji from Bhubneswar had called casually.

But whatever it may be, I just want to ask you few things. Why there are so much stereotype involved connected with this one word ‘love’, so much that there are people who omit saying the very word and refer to it indirectly. And will someone anyone of you tell me what’s wrong in a love marriage?

According to me, it is much more secured, blissful, blessed way to tie the knot with a known one. Even if have a fight, you can always recall those sweet moments spent together and rejoice.

Look, I’m not saying that there aren’t any happy situations in a arranged marriage but you know somehow they both are different. The one to whom you become committed is the one whom you have chosen. It’s a different feeling altogether.

The one whom your parents have chosen may like to dictate your actions and its kinda like being forced to love him. But love is different. It can’t be forceful, its tender like a flower. Moreover, I feel that in love, you are free, you aren’t bound by any worldly chains. Love is like magic. The one who tastes it once wishes more and more of it.

I agree betrayal, misunderstandings, rejections, or you can have your own word breakup and all shit, these are equally painful but not more than falling in love again. You know what, before you fall in love, just remember to know yourself well and no matter what, always love yourself (from this moment to the end of the world).

Hey,not kidding , I really mean it. When you do it, you’ll know for yourself. It’s worth a millon tries. And please don’t give yourself to someone totally that you’ll lose yourself. Everything has a limit except gaining knowledge. If you do, you’ll have to face your own ruin. Remember, never expect but always remain hopeful that better times lie ahead and the best is yet to come.500words_wide-e1388529158371

You may like to read this post as well, its about my views on relationships,hope it helps…

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